If you have a VMI (Voice Mail Indicator) light or stutter tone that appears to be "stuck" with the indicator in place yet there are no messages, a quick fix is to leave a message and clear it.

The following steps will trigger the VMI to be active for your telephone line.

1) Dial your number from another line, such as a cellular phone.

2) Leave a message no shorter than 10 seconds in your voicemail.
3) Wait 60-90 seconds.

4) Check your voicemail and listen to the message.

5) Delete the message by pressing 7 when you are finished listening to your test message. Check to make sure there are no other messages in the inbox or other folders that have not been fully listened to. This will clear the VMI.

6) Wait 60 seconds and check if the VMI has cleared.

If the VMI has not cleared, try the following steps.

1) Unplug your telephone, both the power cord and the telephone cord. If you are using a cordless phone, do this for the base station unit.
2) Wait 5 minutes for the phone to clear any residual power stored in it that may retain the VMI indicator.
3) Plug the phone back in and see if the VMI has cleared.

If the VMI has not cleared after these steps, please contact our technical support department at 905-667-8945 and we will be glad to help. If possible, please call us from another line if available, such as a cellular phone. This will help with troubleshooting the line.