Below is a listing of headsets that have been tested and known to be compatible with the PolyCom VVX500/510 phone sets.

1) Plantronics EncorePro 540 Convertible headset.
This device has a Plantronics part number of 88828-01 and is model HW540 and can be found via the link below.

This headset will need to be used in conjunction with the Coil Cord to QD Modular Plug adapter cable.
This device has a Plantonics part number of 27190-01 and is model U10P and can be found via the link below.

2) Plantronics CS540 series wireless headset.

This device will require the APP-51 Electronics hook switch cable. The Plantronics part number is 38439-11 and can be found at the link below.

3) Plantronics Blackwire 3200 series.
This device will require the USB-A model of the chosen variant which are available in single ear, dual ear and both covered and open ear cushions and can be found via the link below.

This model can connect directly to the phone by using the USB-A female connector on the back of the VVX500/510 phone set and does not require an adapter cable.

If you have any detailed questions regarding headset compatibility or setup please contact us at