If you're eligible for tax exemptions as a First Nations person or band under the Indian Act, or by way of Diplomatic Letter you may complete the attached form below to have the applicable taxes on your Metro Loop bill automatically adjusted.

When claiming a tax exemption, you must supply a copy of your supporting documentation when you submit the Metro Loop Tax Exemption form.  Supporting documentation includes a Certificate of Indian Status, Status Indian Band Certification, or Diplomatic Letter.

Eligible residents of Ontario may claim only the 8% Ontario portion of the HST for goods and services acquired off a reserve.

Please note tax exemptions are only applied on a "go forward" basis, once we have received and accepted your form and supporting documentation.  Metro Loop only accepts and processes forms received by mail or email; see Metro Loop Tax Exemption form for full details.

It is the responsibility of the customer to update Metro Loop with a new certificate should the previous certificate expire.  Accounts with expired certificates will automatically revert to non-exempt status upon certificate expiry.