Below you can find the steps to restart your TV set top box.  It is very rare that you will need to do this.  However sometimes following a power outage or software upgrade your TV box will take time to re-connect to the network.  You can speed up this process by manually restarting your TV box.

  1. Locating the power cord connector
    Begin by locating the power cord connector on the rear of your TV set top box.  The red arrows on the picture show the power connector location on the Whole-home HD PVR and HD Express boxes.


  2. Restarting the TV box
    Now that you have located the power connector begin the restart process by unplugging the power cable.  Leave the power cable disconnected for approximately 10 seconds before re-connecting the power cable.  Once you reconnect your power cable ensure that all of the other cables attached to the rear of your TV box are still firmly connected before returning your box back to it's normal installation location.  Please allow your TV box up to 5 minutes to restart.

  3. Following the restart of your TV box
    If your TV box restarts successfully then no further action is required.  If your TV box still isn't working after you have completed steps 1 and 2 please open a support ticket so we can assist you in getting back up and running!