If you are experiencing no audio from your Metro Loop set top box please try the following steps.

  1. Check that you do not have the audio is not muted using both the remote we provided and your TV remote.

  2. Check that the HDMI cable is securely plugged in on both ends.
    If you are using component/composite cables check each individual connection.

  3. Identify what audio setup you have.
    3.1) If you have your set top box going direct to a TV check the TV audio settings. Some TVs will have an HDMI audio setting for mode 1 or 2, make sure it is on mode 1.
    3.2) Using your TV remote check the TV menu and make sure that the TV speakers are on and that the volume on the TV is turned up to a normal listening level, usually about 1/4 volume.

  4. Sound bar or external audio amplifier.
    4.1) Using the TV remote check that the external audio output is enabled on the TV. (some TV's may not have this function)
    4.2) Check that your sound bar or external audio amplifier is turned on.
    4.3) Check that you have the correct input selected on the device, usually optical audio, SPDIF or stereo input.
    4.4) Check that the volume is up on that device.