Viewing Favourites

Favourites make it easy to group commonly viewed channels together for easy switching.
Your set top box comes with some pre-set Favourites lists, which you can view by pressing the Favourites Button and selecting the list.
In addition, while viewing the Guide, you can press the Blue Context Buttonto choose the favourites list you want shown in the guide, hiding everything else.
Press it repeatedly to choose the list you want to view.
Similarly, with the Info window open, you can press the Blue Context Button to restrict channel scrolling to channels within the currently selected favourites list.
Press the button repeatedly to select the desired list.

Creating/Editing Favourites Lists.
You can create your own Favourites list by choosing Settings > Edit Favorites from the Main Menu (accessible with the Menu Button ).Use the Left and Right Buttons to choose an existing Favourites list or create a new one.
You may not edit or delete the pre-set Favourites lists.Simply choose the channels which you want to include in your list by scrolling down and pressing the OK Button OK on them.