The Metro Loop TV system allows you to set separate PINs for both Parental controls and Purchases via the Settings option in the Main Menu MENU .
You are able to lock out specific channels (Edit Locked), set ratings thresholds for Movies and TV programs that work across channels (Set Ratings) and Time Restrictions that simply stop the set top box from working at all during the timeframe of your choice.
In addition, you can control whether or not the locked channels and restricted titles show up in the guide (Options).
At any time, you can access a restricted channel, program, or override a time restriction simply by attempting to access a restricted channel. The set top box will ask you for your Parental PIN. In the same window that asks you for your PIN, you set an expiry for your override, which defaults to the length of the program you are trying to watch.
The Default Parental PIN is ‘0000’.
The PIN you set does not propagate across your devices; you need to set it on every set top box individually.
If you forget your PIN, you can contact us to reset it.
A Purchase PIN works the same way, but for Pay Per View and paid Video On Demand programs.
If this PIN is set, you will be required to enter it prior to purchasing.