If you have purchased a new router and wish to connect it to the Fibre Box (modem), the Fibre Box will need to have the MAC address of the old router or device cleared from it to enable the new router to check in and lease an IP address.
Please follow the steps below to properly clear out and setup your new router.

  1.  Disconnecting your old device
    1.1) Remove the network line that is plugged into the WAN or Internet port of the old router and plug it into the WAN port on the new router. If there are any other network lines plugged into the old router, transfer them over to the new router now as well.
    1.2) Ensure that the power is not connected to the new router just yet, we will do this last.

  2.  Identifying your Fibre Box
    2.1) This will be the small box with a Metro Loop label measuring approximately 15cm x 25cm and will have a grey top. It will also have several wires connected to it. Do not disconnect any wires at this time.
    Read the safety instructions below.

    Safety Instructions
    *DO NOT disconnect the green fibre connection under any circumstance. It can be easily damaged and both the end and the jack on the Fibre Box are highly susceptible to microscopic dust that will degrade the signal.
    *This wire has infra-red light that you cannot see and looking at the end of the wire can permanently damage your eyes.  DO NOT look at the end of the wire.
    *Leave this wire connected at all times*

  3. Disconnecting your Fibre Box
    Do not disconnect any wires yet, we are going to identify which cables should be disconnected.

  4.  Do you have telephone service with us?
            If you do, use steps 4.2a
            If you do not, use steps 4.3a

    4.2a) If you have telephone service with us the power cable will be a small square connection with a clip on the top, commonly with a grey wire. This is connected the UPS, battery backup unit.
    4.2b) Press the clip down and gently yet firmly remove the cable, pull from the plastic connector, not the wire. It may be difficult and require you to wiggle it back and forth to come out.

    4.3a) If you do not have telephone service with us the power cable will be a small round connector, similar to most small electronics.
    4.3b) Pull the cable out using the connector, not the wire.

    4.4) The power will be out and you should no longer see any lights on the Fibre Box.

  5. Bringing the Fibre Box back online
    5.1) Now plug the power back in. You will see some lights come back on.

    The power light will be first to come on and it will be located on the far left and it will be green.
    The next light to the right will be the fibre signal. It will flash red/green then green and then turn solid green when the Fibre Box has come online.
    You may see some other lights on as well, they indicate what is plugged into the Fibre Box, network, TV’s and telephone

  6. Connecting your new router
    6.1) Plug the power into your new router and it should come online.
    6.2) Login to the router per the manual that came with it and you should see that you have an IP address or Internet connection active.
    6.3) Try your connection, via searching for something in your search engine of choice and see if you are online, you should be connected now.
    6.4) Refer to the manual for the new router on configuring the wireless connections, passwords, port forwarding, etc…

If you have any problems connecting your new router or device please contact our technical support department at 905-667-8945 and we will be glad to help.