If you are having problems connecting to the Internet please use the steps below to restore your Internet connection.

  1. What are you using to connect with?
    To determine where the problem is, it is important to know if the problem is with wired or wireless connections, or both. You will also need to know if you are using the wireless router provided by Metro Loop or your own router.

    If you are using the wireless router we provided, see section 2.
    If you are using your own router see section 3.

  2. The Metro Loop wireless router
    Is your problem with wired or wireless connections or both?
    If your problem is with wired connections and wireless works, see section 2.1
    If your wired connections are fine but wireless does not work see section 2.2
    If both connections are not functioning see section 2.3

    2.1) Wired does not work, wireless works fine.
    2.1a) Check that the wired connection is plugged in on both ends, both on the router and on the device. You should see some lights at the jack when you plug it in. On the router, there will be lights on the top to indicate that a line is plugged in.
    2.1b) Reboot the device via the proper shutdown procedure. Once the device has started back up you should now have a connection.

    2.2) Wireless does not work, wired connections are fine.
    2.2a) Check with another device on wireless and see if it is active to determine if it is all wireless devices or just this one device.
    2.2b) Where are you located in relation to the wireless router? Stand near the wireless router and see If your connection comes back to determine if it is a signal range issue.
    2.2c) Are you receiving an error message about authorization or passwords? Try removing or “forgetting” the wireless connection on the device. Turn it completely off and then back on again and re-create a new connection to the wireless network.
    The network password will be on the back of the wireless router unless you have requested it to be changed to a custom password.
    2.2d) Do you have “airplane mode” enabled on the device or if on a computer do you have a wireless or wifi button or switch to turn the antenna on/off? Check that “airplane mode” is off and that the button or switch is in the ON mode.

    2.3) Both wired and wireless are not working.
    2.3a) Ensure that the wireless router is on and that there are lights on the top of it. If it is off, check that the power is plugged into the wall and into the back of the wireless router. If the power is on a power bar, verify that other devices on the power bar are working, try changing to a new socket.
    There is also a power button on the side of the wireless router, ensure it is depressed in the ON position. When the unit is on you will see lights on the top of the unit.
    2.3b) On the back of the wireless router there will be a WAN port, ensure that there is a network line plugged into this port and that the other end is plugged into port 1 on the Fibre Box. When it is plugged in you will see the WAN light active on the top of the wireless router.
    2.3c) If there is still no connection, try rebooting the wireless router. Press the power button the on the side of the unit and the lights on the top will go out.
    Wait 10 seconds and press it again so it is in the ON position, lights will now be active on the top of the unit. The wireless router will take approximately 45-60 seconds to fully come back online.

  3. Using your own router
    3.1a) Check that there is a network line running from port 1 on the Fibre Box to the WAN or Internet port on your router. You should also see a light on the Fibre Box for port 1 and possibly on your router, depending on the make/model/configuration of your router.
    3.1b) Has anything else been plugged into port 1 on the Fibre Box or have you switched devices at all? If you have the Fibre Box will retain the MAC address and DHCP lease of the first connected device. See the section on connecting a new router for steps on Resetting the Fibre Box to attain a new DHCP lease.
    3.1c) Direct connect to your router and login to it. Check your router WAN settings to see if you have leased an IP address from us. Most routers will tell you if you do not have an Internet connection in the administration panel. If you do not have a connection or IP address from us on the router a technical support agent will need to investigate your Fibre Box and connection to determine why.

If you have any problem with using these steps please contact our technical support department at 905-667-8945 and we will be glad to help.