If you are having problems with your telephone service and have no dial tone, please try the steps below.
The two most common causes of no dial tone are a phone set that is off the hook or a bad telephone jack.

Please see the steps below to check for both of these causes.

  1. Checking your telephones
    1.1a) If you have a cordless telephone, check that your base station is plugged in.
    That you have both telephone and power plugged into the base station and that both the telephone and power are plugged into the telephone jack on the wall and the wall power socket.
    1.1b) Ensure that the cordless handset has at least 50% charge before beginning any troubleshooting.

    1.2) If you have a corded phone, ensure that the telephone cable is plugged into both the telephone and a telephone jack on the wall securely.

  2. Testing your phone jacks
    2.1) If your telephones are plugged in correctly, take one telephone phone and/or handset and base station and test it on another wall jack. This will let you determine if that one particular wall jack is bad or not.

If you continue to have problems please contact our technical support department at 905-667-8945 for assistance.
If possible please contact us from an alternate line, such as a cellular phone, to make troubleshooting easier.