Below you can find the steps to help troubleshoot no signal on your television for your Metro Loop set top box.

  1. Turning the TV on
    Ensure the TV is on. You should see a light on the front of the TV and/or a menu or notice on the screen.
    1.1a) If it does not appear to be on, using the remote we provided press TV then power, the TV button will flash red when power is pressed.
    1.1b) If the TV did not turn on, use the remote that came with the TV and turn it on.

  2. The Set top box
    Ensure the set top box has power. You should see a light on the front.
    2.1) If there is no light, check the power cord, both on the back of the box and in the socket or power bar to be sure that both ends are plugged in. If it is on a power bar make sure the bar is on and check that other devices on the power bar have power to ensure it is working properly.

  3. You have a signal
    3.1) Once you have confirmed both the TV and set top box are on, if there is still no signal on the TV, press STB on the remote we provided, then press power. You may see “press OK” on the screen, press OK to bring the signal back.

  4. You still have no signal
    4.1) If there is still no signal, use the remote that came with the TV and locate the input or source button.
    4.2) Press input/source. Some TV’s will show what is connected, some will not but almost all TV’s will show a menu of your inputs either in the middle or at the top corner of the screen.
    In most cases the set top box will be on HDMI 1, 2 or 3.
    4.3) Press the input/source button again to choose the correct input. Some TV’s will require you press OK/Enter to select that input.
    Some TV’s will alternately require you to use the up/down arrow buttons on the TV remote and then press OK/Enter when done to select that input.
    4.4) Continue this until you see either a picture or the notice to “press OK” from the set top box.

If you are having problems with these steps please contact our technical support department at 905-667-8945.